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You're here because you need indexes for Adjustable Rate Mortgages. You need them for

  • Compliance
  • Portfolio valuation
  • ARM servicing
  • Loan pricing
  • You use indexes in your desktop underwriter, loan origination software, disclosure managers, and more.

    Lenders and Servicers
    The Daily Index Update Service is a fast, efficient, and affordable source for the ARM indexes and financial indicators (including first mortgage pricing) you need for loan servicing, compliance, doc prep, loan pricing, and more. Choose email or webservice delivery and get the values you need in one place, every business day.

    Join the many businesses, from the in-house loan servicer to the DU software provider, who benefit from our daily updates. Want to redistribute our data? Our data license model is both affordable and flexible.

    ● Daily LIBOR & Monthly LIBOR
    ● Treasury Constant Maturities (TCMs / CMTs)
    ● Federal Reserve H.15 values
    ● APOR values
    ● Federal Cost of Funds
    ● 11th District Cost of Funds
    ● Prime Rate & Bank Prime Loan
    ● Discount Rate
    ● Fannie Mae RNYs
    ● National Mortgage Rates
    ● MTA, CODI, and other 'derived' indices
    ● State Usury Rates
    ● First mortgage pricing
    ● Historic index rates going back decades
    ● Other Indexes Available - just ask

    Web Service Delivery
    Get ARM index values -- current and historic-- directly from our database onto your desktop, or directly into your database.

    Try our small, fast demonstration program (less than 1 MB). Just download it to your desktop and try it. Select an index you want, and get the latest value instantly - straight from the HSH ARM Index database. No web browser required and no waiting for e-mail. Click Here to learn more about HSH web service delivery.

    Who needs this product?

    If your company is involved in

    ARM Lending • Servicing
    • Compliance • Due Diligence

    Then you need this product.

    Download a sample. Find out more about webservice delivery.

    Subscribe now. Need a customized solution? contact us for a fast answer.

    Need Average Prime Offer Rate (APOR) Values?

    A growing number of states now require the use of these APOR values to determine whether a loan meets the definition of a "higher-priced mortgage loan" as per HOEPA. HSH has all of the APOR terms for fixed and adjustable loans available via emailed XLS or via webservice.

    HSH Libor as a replacement for FNMA Libor

    The monthly FNMA Libor index has been discontinued -- here is the replacement monthly LIBOR index and a comparison to the old monthly Libor.

    Current Indexes for Adjustable Rate Mortgages
    Last update: 09/21/2020
      Week ending  Month of
      09/18/20 Aug 20
       1 Year Treasury Security 0.13% 0.13%
       3 Year Treasury Security 0.16% 0.16%
       5 Year Treasury Security 0.28% 0.27%
      10 Year Treasury Security 0.69% 0.65%
      Monthly Treasury Average (MTA) Aug 20 0.8833%
      Federal Cost of Funds Jul 20 1.107%
      11th District Cost of Funds Jul 20 0.653%
      Prime Rate, as of 03/16/20 3.25%

    HSH has tracked ARM indexes since ARMs first appeared in 1981. Our ground-breaking ARM Check Kit showed consumers how to check their lender's interest rate adjustments back in 1986. We're savvy about indexes, which comes from a thorough knowledge of the mortgage market. After all, we've been the nation's largest publisher of consumer loan information for over 25 years. Download a sample of our DIUS_55 report, which lists over 55 indexes & financial indicators every business day.
    You can request a quote for an affordable custom solution. We'll report the indexes you want, including state usury rates, obscure indexes, even derived indexes like the MTA and CODI.

    Got questions? Need more indexes? Ask us. Or subscribe now.

    Get your report the way you need it! Your report will be ready to import into your own software. No more typing in numbers every morning!
    E-mail, FTP, and web service delivery are available.
    Click here to subscribe!

    (Have a question? Want a custom price quote? Ask us.)
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